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9827 2nd St., Chloride, AZ 86431

Roy Purcell Murals

Grand Canyon West Skywalk

Shep's Miners Inn

Directions from Las Vegas

Get on I-515 S/US-93 S/US-95 S                                       (0.5 mi)
Follow US-93 S/US-95 S to Co Hwy 125 in Mohave County    (83.7 mi) Follow Co Hwy 125 to 2nd St in Chloride

"Located just 66 miles away from our hotel in Chloride! Come see the extraordinary Grand Canyon West Skywalk! A 10 foot horse-shoe shaped glass bridge expanding 70 Feet over the edge of the Grand Canyon. Look down and see right through the glass 4,000 feet to the bottom of the Canyon! Afraid of heights? Well don't be. This structure is literally strong enough to hold 747 passenger jets!"

Yesterday's Steakhouse, SALOON & Restaurant 

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The Immortal Gunfighters of Chloride, a re-enactor group, built Cyanide Springs in 1997, a ramshackle replica of an Old West town smack in the middle of Chloride. Using only hand tools, either because they strove for authenticity or because they were drinking, depending on who tells the story, they peeled aged lumber from nearby mines and slapped together the rustic town within a town.

9827 2nd St., Chloride, AZ 86431

(928) 565-4251

Shep's Miners Inn Hotel

​​​Shep's Miners Inn Grand Canyon west skywalk


The town prides itself on the preservation of buildings like the Jim Fritz Museum, the old jail, the historic post office, and the old train station. Chloride’s Volunteer Fire Department, the oldest in Arizona, proudly displays its 1939 Ford Fire Engine to visitors.

Cyanide Springs Ghost Town

Chloride Historical Jail

"The Journey" a 2000-square-foot set of murals on some boulders about a mile and a half outside of town. The colors Purcell used to paint his murals are remarkably vivid and have withstood harsh desert weather for nearly four decades. Stone carvings and etchings from earlier Indian artists can also be seen in the immediate area.

Welcome to Shep's Miners Inn and 

Yesterday's Steakhouse Restaurant


Shep's Miners Inn is an old and historic motel. Built in the mid 1800's it was originally a stage coach repair and rest stop. Later, the Inn became living quarters for miners and their families. You’ll love our Inn because of the coziness, the views, the people, and the location. Come visit us to unplug and relax!

This historic adobe inn is constructed with sand and mud from the local dry stream beds and the walls are 12 inch solid block. In the late 1800's this inn was initially built for the passengers on the Butterfield Stage Line to rest their weary bodies after the grueling journey through the desert. As the stage coaches gave way to the railroad, the rooms were converted to lodging for the miners and their families. When horseless carriages overtook the railroads for travel, the historic building was extended to become an early motor court on the main highway through Chloride, which today is 2nd street.

Over the following decades, the Miners Inn underwent many changes. In 2002, it was taken back to the original use, a modern day hotel. We kept the feel of it's original rustic simple decor, and each room is different. The rooms are comfortable, they have private baths, plenty of fresh air and the rates are quite affordable! We accept overnight guests and are happy to provide longer term stays.

Located in HISTORIC Chloride, Arizona!

​Chloride is the oldest continuously inhabited mining town in Arizona. Chloride dates back to the 1860's, when Arizona was still considered Arizona Territory. Nestled in a pocket of the Cerbat [sir-bat] Mountain Range, the town is at an elevation of 4,000' The name Chloride came from the silver chloride found in the hills among others minerals in the area. Today, silver chloride is used in photographic emulsions and antiseptic silver solutions.